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Advertising With Womens Wellness

You can reach a targeted audience with Our site is targeted for and about women of all ages and backgrounds. One in eight women will get Breast Cancer and all will be forced through Menopause or experience it naturally in their lifetimes. Our site aims to help them through these difficult times with education, support and wellness programs. You can help by advertising your products and services or sponsoring

We keep careful records of our traffic which are available for your review. Our banner program also tracks your viewing and click through statistics and will be available to you at any time using our banner programs on-line feature.

If you find our cause worthy, we are always accepting donations or grants.


Sponsorship is a unique and special arrangement and goes far beyond banner advertising. Sponsors not only get additional advertising benefits and increased exposure but also show a support for current women's issues. Below is a list of sponsor benefits:

  • Premium ad placement in the upper left hand corner of every page on the site. Initial placement will include individual 88x31 banners for each sponsor up to 6 at which time the banners will be rotated allowing each to be seen during the duration the page is viewed.
  • A 468x60 banner ad will be included in the general rotation plan each month of sponsorship
  • A full page dedicated to the sponsors background, concerns, products, efforts and anything the sponsor wishes to display (subject to editorial approval) We will use your design if desired so long as our look, feel and menuing remains. no other Banners will be displayed on your page.
  • An option to select which area of our site will be sponsored by you. A "Sponsored by your company" message will be placed just under the title on every page in the area as well as two placements of your 88x31 banners throughout the content.
  • Placement on our sponsor page indicating you as a sponsor, with your banner listed and clickable to your site. The following areas are available for sponsorship:
    WB01100_.GIF (411 bytes) Home, Glossary and About Pages
    WB01100_.GIF (411 bytes) Breast Cancer Research
    WB01100_.GIF (411 bytes) Menopause Research
    WB01100_.GIF (411 bytes) Wellness Research
    WB01100_.GIF (411 bytes) Postcard Pages
    WB01100_.GIF (411 bytes) Discussion Group Pages (see below)
  • Use of our logos and name on your own web site or promotional materials indicating you as a sponsor during the duration of your sponsorship.
  • Minimum 6 month commitment required

Sponsorship per month - $250.00

Discussion Group Sponsorship per month - $500.00

All benefits of the Sponsorship program plus:

  • Your banner guaranteed on every e-mail discussion page for the month(s) of sponsorship.
  • The indication of you as the sponsor of the discussion group in every e-mail sent in the discussion forum
  • Your name mentioned in the sign-up confirmation of the discussion group, on the Thanks page and the e-mail confirmation.

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Banner Pricing

Standard Banner

Banners will be placed on the top of selected pages. The rate is based on cost per thousand viewings and can be tracked using our software. There is no time limit or requirement other than buying the banners in increments of 1000. All banners and advertisers are subject to approval by management.

less than 15k
Currently limited to GIF

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Donations and Grants

It takes a substantial amount of time, energy and funds to run a professional website. We would appreciate any funds (small and large) that can be donated to our cause. If you have a specific grant process you can offer us, we would be glad to consider your proposals.

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Disclaimer: The information presented on this site should NOT replace the advice of a qualified health care professional
and is NOT presented as qualified advice or council. Please use this information as a guide or reference point
when consulting with your private physician (s).

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