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Informative Links on Cancer
Cancer Links

Breast Cancer Products

Alternatives 2000 - A large selection of wigs from various manufactures.

Ida-Joy Shoppes- has a Large selection of After Breast Surgery Products, breast prostheses and mastectomy bras.

Ladies First, Inc. - Helping women feel feminine, comfortable, and confident after breast surgery of any kind. We are a world leader in superior quality products for immediately following
surgery, throughout recovery and after.

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Mesothelioma Information

The Mesothelioma Cancer Center is committed to providing the latest, up-to-date information about treatment options helping educate those who have received a mesothelioma prognosis.

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Companies - Drug, etc

AMGEN - Amgen's product, Neupogen, is a major breakthrough in the reduction of the risk of infection and complications due to lower white blood cell counts after chemotherapy. This link brings you to their information on Neupogen. Amgen offers videos and information pamphlets on their site that are very helpful. They have a patient registry program called A.C.C.E.S.S. and some helpful chemotherapy survivors stories on video.

Genetech, Inc - Manufacturer of Herceptin and other drugs. Herceptin has been in the news a lot lately for it's treatment of the 30% of women with Breast Cancer that are Her2 receptive. Also see the book below.

Roche - Manufacturers of Xeloda. Xeloda is the first approved oral anticancer drug for patients with metastatic breast cancer whose tumors are resistant to standard chemotherapy with paclitaxel and an anthracycline-containing regimen.

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Other Helpful Sites

Breast Cancer Information, Breast Surgeon - Description- For more information about breast cancer please contact our breast surgeon at Texas breast care center. - This link brings you to the women's pages. A very comprehensive site that has information, research, articles and more for most topics that concern women. The editor, Barbara Nesbitt, can often be found in our discussion group.

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Research -Association of Cancer Online Resources - Black Womens

Breast Cancer Net - Good site - very pleasing.

BreastNet - A very good Australian site that is well organized and easy to follow. - Breast Cancer Online Breast cancer Resource Center offering general inforamtion, plus pregnancy and breast cancer. Cancer Care, Inc. Educational seminars and teleconferences. Cancerlinks A directory to other sites offering resources on many forms of cancer.

CenterWatch - a clearinghouse for clinical trials. Keeping abreast. Provides selected news stories and a discussion forum devoted to breast cancer.

The Lancet Journal - This is a subscriber only (semi-FREE) service that has some great research information. The Lancet Interactive is the worldwide web version of the world's leading independent medical journal. Subscribers to the printed Lancet can view the complete contents of the journal. Non-subscribers can register online, without charge, to view selected items from the journal.

Lifetime - The health thrust of the TV cable station and this web page is breast cancer. They do some really good things with it and contribute a lot to awareness, funding, and information. You will find it under their health section. National Lymphedema Network A description of lymphedema and other informational resources including video.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) - A tremendous source of information on cancer, clinical trials, PDQ database, etc., etc. Oncolink: Breast Cancer General Information Offers a comprehensive overview of the disease. Online Management of Breast Diseases Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Educational Information plus an 800 helpline Women's Cancer Network Physician network with fact sheets and information link.

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Advocacy Association of Cancer On-line Resources Links to cancer advocacy organizations Avon Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade Breast Cancer Center Advocacy for patients with metastatic breast cancer Patient Advocate Foundation Provides education and legal counseling concerning managed care, insurance, and financial issues FREE Vital Options Telesupport Cancer Network and The Group Room

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Audio/Visual Information Breast Cancer Fund KidsCope Video of discussions of mother with breast cancer and child Living Beyond Breast Cancer Online bookstore with audio tapes

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Clinical Trials Cancer Trials General information, plus special features including consent, documents, anti-angiogenesis information and a breast cancer risk software tool CenterWatch Over 60 trials listed by state

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Financial, Legal, and Insurance Needy Meds Information on pharmaceutical company programs offering assistance to purchase drugs

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Foreign Language Sites Canadian Breast Cancer Network French Cancer Care Inc. Spanish Cancer Research Foundation of American Offers a complete curriculum for a Spanish language program on early detection covering mammogram, lifestyle, self-exam and clinical exam.

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Pain and Side-Effect Management Cancer Supportive Care Discussions of pain management and Lymphedema

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