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Welcome to Womens Wellness
A Site for the Whole Woman and her Whole Wellness. Breast Cancer and Menopause affect the whole woman. Treatment must include the whole body.
We are not
just body parts,
We have
good minds.

This site strives to empower women facing any stage of breast cancer. Knowledge is empowerment. A woman is first and foremost a mind and heart. Body parts make up the whole woman. Wellness is very dependent on whole body treatment. Our minds, our cancer, our side effects, our emotions, and our soul must all enter the formula for wellness. Women's Wellness is all of this.

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Very often the many specialists we see treat each individual symptom, diagnosis, and treatment individually also. This is not always a productive approach to take. We feel bombarded with hard to understand jargon. At a time when we can hardly focus we must somehow deal with huge decisions and ramifications. In our state of unfocused shock we have difficulty remembering all the details. Unfortunately, research found a great number of women who had been sent away by their doctor with no further test done on HUGE lumps. I was one of these. I was told that I should expect cysts at my age, which was 41, and PAIN does not associate with cancer. I waited eight months to seek a second opinion. In my research PAIN and AGE are often the reasons women are sent away. My PAIN was overwhelming by the time I sought help. My emotional pain was also sky rocketing out of control.

I strive to help women form clear questions, find clear answers, gain a sense of empowerment through knowledge, and inevitably achieve peace of mind through  total wellness. I offer information and an opportunity to question and share with others. For some women the anonymity of the discussion list allows for more freedom to speak openly and candidly.

This site also strives to cover topics associated with Menopause which is very often a side effect of Chemotherapy few are aware of. I have found women who never knew they had been forced through Menopause. This is a travesty in this day and age. We are still finding many doctors who are poorly informed. For this reason we need to arm ourselves. We need the knowledge to manage our own care. I state this with some hesitation, because people can go overboard. Anything in excess is not good. Portion control is necessary in every facet of our life. Portions of food, vitamins and supplements, spirituality, love, strength, etc. I hope that I can help women find ways to help themselves. It is my goal, it is my hope, it is what is getting me through this rough time in my life - recurrent breast cancer. If you find a little help, and feel you can contribute somehow big or small, welcome. Welcome to the power of women as a support group. Through knowledge and sisterhood we will promote overall women's wellness.


Disclaimer: The information presented on this site should NOT replace the advice of a qualified health care professional
and is NOT presented as qualified advice or council. Please use this information as a guide or reference point
when consulting with your private physician (s).

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