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Womens Wellness Research Information
Research Information

The following information was gathered through our extensive research on Breast Cancer. As time, treatments and side effects wore on, the topics began to evolve toward general Womens wellness issues. Please let us know of any sites and/or pages that you feel are important for others to know about and consider adding them to our pages. You can also find more links on our User Submitted Links page. Creating this list takes time and will be completed (although ever growing) in the weeks to come.

Research Areas



Breast Cancer Research Page

I have compiled a lists of links that were helpful to me when I needed information. I will try to expand as I continue to research and collect data. The links are designed to cover various stages of diagnosis and treatment. It is designed so that you can go directly to the information you need most. Most women will get no further than the diagnosis information because 95% of all tumors are benign. It is extremely important to check everything suspicious because you do never know for sure and do not let someone send you away. Know the signs of cancer yourself. They are obvious and we can learn to identify suspicious lumps ourselves. Always consult at least one physician. Pain may or may not be associated with cancer. It is not a reliable factor. Know this well, please. The links are organized by stages: A general overview of breast cancer, cysts, Diagnosis procedures, Kinds and stages, Treatments, Recurrent, Support, and Wellness. If this site helps you in any small way please share it with a friend. Help others become empowered with the knowledge to help manage their care.

PS If you end up in CAF Protocol you may be forced through Menopause depending on your age so the next two sections should be helpful to you also.

Go to the Breast Cancer research page.

Menopause Research Page

One of the side effects of the use of adriemicine was being forced through Menopause in 18 weeks. The side effects were tremendous. I became an insomniac and suffered extreme fatigue. I thought these side effects were related to chemo and radiation still. On my six month follow up visit the Oncologist said that there should not be residual effects. My GYN offered research for me to read. This is what I site here. She gave me articles both pro and con about Estrogen Replacement and a new alternative coming out in six months, Evista. My Oncologist was advocating strongly that I get on Estrogen Replacement Therapy. This scared me totally because it came with an increased risk of breast cancer. I did not need to increase my risk, in my mind. My friends, Sue and Harlene, gave me the books I site in this section. The Herbal book refers to menopausal women as Crones, a connotation I took offense to, but if you can get past it there is some helpful information there.

Go to the Menopause research page.

Wellness Research Page

Women's Wellness needs holistic approaches. The whole body, mind, heart and soul need to be treated and acknowledged. No matter what situation you find yourself in, every woman benefits from entire wellness. Wellness plans are unique to each woman. I can only share the research I have done and what worked for me. You need to design your own plan......"Your ten steps to complete wellness". Designing the plan itself is simple. Research and read about issues you feel are interfering with your total wellness. Is it fatigue, stress, self-esteem, bloating, diet, self destructiveness, etc.? Identify the areas that you think negatively affect your overall wellness first. Read all you can manage on these topics. Write down ten steps to total wellness. Try as hard as you can to follow them. That's all anyone can do. Allow yourself to slip. Allow yourself to screw up. Allow yourself. Imagine your goal. Why wellness? What does it do for you? Who can help you? Who can you help?

My ten step plan during chemotherapy:
  1. Breathe! I was so nervous I was not letting myself breathe.
  2. Forgive myself all the super mom things I could no longer keep up with.
  3. Sleep when I was tired.
  4. Buy antibacterial cleansers that could be carried in the car, purse, etc. and use after every encounter with public germs. The supermarket, restroom, handrails at malls, etc.
  5. Eat even when you do not feel hungry. Eat ice cream whenever I wanted.
  6. Get in the hot tub and get massages often.
  7. Get sunshine and air. Not necessarily exercise.
  8. Attend a professional conference and feel not like a cancer patient for 4 days.
  9. Let my friends help me. Hire a housekeeper.
  10. Love my family every chance I get.
My ten step plan during radiation: (every day for 7 weeks, a three hour round trip drive)
  1. Drive the convertible with the top down.
  2. Take antidepressants and not apologize for it.
  3. Listen to audio books during the drive.
  4. Don't go to work if I didn't want to.
  5. Eat a healthy bowl of soup for lunch at the same restaurant every day.
  6. Stop wearing my wig when my hair was just coming back and not feel insecure.
  7. Dress comfortably.
  8. Use hot tub and massage for aching muscles due to the drive.
  9. Eat ice cream for dinner to keep up my strength.
  10. Let friends help me with the drive.
My ten step plan for overall wellness:
  1. Eat in a manner I know will benefit my wellness the most.
  2. Exercise by walking when I feel strong enough.
  3. Supplement my diet with herbs for insomnia and energy.
  4. Enjoy the sunshine often.
  5. Be attuned to my body and its responses to things I eat, drink, and supplements I take.
  6. Buy myself a new wardrobe of pretty dresses for work.
  7. Nap when I feel tired
  8. Win a national award for a job well done and gain local support and recognition. Win an award while undergoing cancer treatment??? Yes, I did.
  9. Go to New Orleans with my husband and really good friends for our 20th anniversary that I missed due to treatment.
  10. Stop and smell the roses, enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, and take care of beautiful flowers and plants.
My ten step plan now that I have been diagnosed with recurrent cancer:
  1. Help other women to become empowered and better taken care of ultimately.
  2. Collect new research on recurrent cancer, new treatments, etc.
  3. Go back on antidepressants and don't apologize or make excuses.
  4. Prepare myself emotionally for a return to baldness.
  5. Eat soup and ice cream again.
  6. Sleep when I need to.
  7. Use my antibacterial steps again.
  8. Live each day hour by hour making decisions as needed and not pushing too hard.
  9. Hire a housekeeper.
  10. Do not put things off or write five year plans. Live for the moment.
Go to the Wellness research page

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