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Books on Wellness
Wellness Books

We hope you find this selection of books helpful. Also, please see our links and research pages for additional information and reference. Please let us know if you know of a book or pamphlet that should be included here.

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Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom : Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing

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Quite possibly every female over the age of 12 will find this huge book enlightening, pain saving, and perhaps even lifesaving. Think of it as a much more empowering and holistic Our Bodies, Ourselves. Northrup is a gynecologist who acknowledges the power of natural therapies and herbs, but also maintains that allopathic treatments, including surgery, are sometimes best. In Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, she covers the treatment of many physical concerns--among them PMS, menstrual cramps, breast cancer, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility, depression, childbirth, abortion, cystitis, and menopause -- explaining how many of these physical problems have roots in emotional upsets. For example, a woman who is unhappy with her marriage may be infertile because deep down, she knows that her husband is not the right man to have children with; a teenager who has cramps may be having problems accepting society's expectations of her as a woman.

Karen's note:
This book was given to me by my good friend Sue Williams...Thank You

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Healing With Herbs A-Z : How to Heal Your Mind and Body With Herbs, Home Remedies, and Minerals
by Hanna Kroeger

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Arranged in an easy-to-follow, alphabetical format, this guide draws from the author's more than 60 years in the natural health field to provide a directory of therapeutic herbs designed to help readers take control of their nutritional challenges.

Karen's note:
This small book is a practical reference to many of the herbs you hear about every day and some more obscure herbs.

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Aromatherapy A-Z
by Connie Higley, Pat Leatham, Alan Higley

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Essential oils, the authors maintain, are very powerful healing agents that detoxify the blood in the human body. This well-organized guide tells readers which combinations of oils are the most beneficial for treating a variety of illnesses and physical problems naturally.

Karen's note:
Another small book by the same publishers with a simple organization. While I'm not sold on the healing powers of these oils, I've always been soothed by aromas.

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Paperback cover

Women's Encyclopedia of Health & Emotional Healing: Top Women Doctors
Share Their Unique Self-Help Advice on Your Body, Your Feelings and Your Life

by Denise Foley, Eileen Nechas

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For women, by women, and about women, this comprehensive book covers a myriad of female physical and emotional concerns. A wide variety of problems are given a voice, a context, and a solution, as they are all candidly discussed with specific treatments and suggestions clearly detailed. Illustrations.

Karen's note:
I especially liked the pragmatic and soothing text style. The facts are there, but secondary to discussing women's needs, problems and alternatives.

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Medicinal Herbal Therapy : A Pharmacist's View
by Steven G. Ottariano

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By the author, Steve Ottariano R.Ph. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , August 20, 1998
The demand for information about natural health and wellness has climbed to stratospheric heights. This book contains many of the most commonly used AND tested herbs that are on our planet. Documented scientific studies are included with each herb to show their cause and effect. I hope that you will find my book both entertaining and useful as a reference on which herb and dosage to use for many of the most common health problems that exist today. I welcome your comments.

Karen's note:
We haven't been able to get a copy of Steve's book yet, but since he participates on our discussion list, we thought we would list it here for him.


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